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Can I sell jewelry on Shopify?

Consider a trade show once you’re more established in the wholesale space. With booth fees, travel, transporting your merchandise, booth displays, etc, traditional trade shows can get expensive.

If you’re ever not satisfied, don’t be afraid to speak up or walk away. With an increase in demand, it might become a tad difficult to get the manufacturer to make more pieces on time. For custom jewelry mass production involving the use of specialized skills or equipment, talk the county department for economic development. This option is not for importers with lighter cargo. The deadlines and security control are tighter, and transit time depends on the airline’s schedule. But you should expect to get your shipment in 2-10 days, which isn’t bad. Wrong Stone Setting – The most common reason why this happens is either because of a wrong instruction or misunderstanding before production.

Hi Sarah, thanks for the comment and the kind words. If you can email us some pictures of it along with a picture of the appraisal you mentioned, we should be able to point you in the right direction. Unfortunately, we aren’t buying rough gemstones at this time. You might contact a lapidary or gem cutter to see if they would be interested. Hi Max, thanks for commenting and I’m sorry to hear about the frustrating experiences you’ve been having.


The crystals in jewelry like that are sometimes glued in which makes cleaning a challenge. A gentle bath with warm soapy water is probably your best bet. Such a stamp would indicate that the piece is made out of sterling silver and plated yellow. If that’s the case, there is probably not very much “scrap” or intrinsic value in the bracelets, but we would still be happy to look at them for you.

For example, Instagram has a feature that allows you to explore and see photos and videos you otherwise wouldn’t have. After a few minutes, it’ll become clear what your target market likes and wants. If outsourcing, provide the manufacturer with the list of materials and ask for their costing. Using the list of materials and other requirements, determine the cost of every item, as well as the cost of labor. You also need to create a sourcing list for all your items, along with their style numbers. On the other hand, if you’re using the string or the wire-wrapped designs, you’ll need good lines and precise measurements to replace the 3D drawings. Don’t forget to incorporate high-resolution photos to that sheet for a visual reference.

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Every store has a different markup and every individual piece is different. I have inherited a few pieces of jewelry from my mother in law. Not to many people buy silver/turquoise earrings. I did have a reputable dealer tell me they were authentic. I also have a pair of earrings that are pure silver. Please tell me what the going rate is now for silver. The dealer also told me that two of the old watches (probably 40’s/50’s) are of course antique, but not worth anything but the gold on the face of it.

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