The fundraising programs in school begin in every fall and the most popular choice for fund raising is silent auction. School silent auctions can be successful, if you use some creative ideas. Homemade themed baskets online silent auction ideas can be a great choice for raising funds quickly. You can assign a theme to each class and ask the children to bring items to fill the basket. This can motivate the children to take part actively in the silent auction program.

Some ideas to maximize income in school silent auction:

o It is important to make every child take part in the process of school silent auction. You can select a theme like gardening, sweets, books or sports and ask the children to fill the basket.

o You can make the children draw some pictures or paint a concrete bench and offer them for sale in the auction.
o You can make designs on garden mosaics and ask the children to write their names on the designs. The parents would surely like to buy the mosaics bearing their child’s name.

o You can offer coupon for free video, bag of popcorns, peanuts or a packet of chocolate mix in the school silent auction. These items are always a hit among people, so you can make money easily.

o You can ask some local business people to donate services hair styling, free breakfast or lunch for two, a night at a hotel, free video rental etc.

o Scrapbooks with school colors, stickers, and gel pens with school themes can be a great option for silent auction in school.

o You can try to get free dinner coupons at kids’ favorites like Ice cream parlor, McDonalds or Pizza Hut.

o You can make your school children to build bird houses and offer them for sale in auction.

Tips to raise more funds:

In order to raise the most money in school silent auction, you need to select a good spot in your school where there is a natural traffic flow. You can give attractive descriptions for all the items to be auctioned. You can use large fonts and markers to highlight the important information about the items. If you want to display kids’ clothing items, make arrangements to allow people to touch the items. This can help to encourage people to place a high bid.

You can give a colorful backdrop to the items, as this can offer a dramatic effect. You can place the best items visible. If the donors give a lot of small things, put similar items together and offer it as a package.

It is important to promote the school silent auction early. You can invite guests personally or send invitations to the parents with the children. It is valuable to make the auction fun and unique. You need to entertain your guests and surprise them, which in turn can help you to get more guests for the next event. It is also important to give thanks to the guests, volunteers, donors, sponsors and business people.